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Hey Contractors! Surveillance Kit Super Deal!
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Imagine it: with ActiveHome Pro and the NEW iWitness™ plugin, your strategically positioned motion sensors can target your robotically controlled camera towards any activity, automatically allowing you to track a visitor's every move. Then, another sensor pans your robotic camera to follow the target as he approaches your home. Finally, motion at the front door switches to a 2nd camera and zooms in for a close-up view. All this happens without you lifting a finger. And this is in addition to the already phenomenal power of ActiveHome Pro, the system that turns your house into an active, thinking home of the future!


  • View live video from X10 cameras on your PC
  • Keep tabs on everything with the Multi-Cam view
  • Automatically record snapshots or video while away
  • Pan, Tilt and Zoom your cameras to see everything*
  • Use Motion Detectors to switch cameras, change views or start recording
  • See lights turn on as you control them from your PC



    3 XCam Anaconda Wired Cameras 3 NightWatch2 Low-Light Wired Cameras
    Extremely small color micro camera with built-in mic, attached to a durable 60 ft. cord.

    Sold Separately $149.97
    You Save $49.98
    3 For Only $99.99
    See crisp, clear, high-contrast video in dim interior light...anywhere with "less than perfect" light!

    Sold Separately $209.97
    You Save $109.98
    3 For Only $99.99



    Ultimate Three Camera SuperDeals + Three Ninja Pan 'n Tilt Mounts!
    Unbelievable! Get 3 Free Ninja Pan 'n Tilt Kits with some are our most popular camera packages! The 3-XCam2 InstantOn SuperDeal and the 3-Wireless NightWatch SuperDeal both include a Video Receiver, Remote Controller and Wireless Transceiver and 3 Free Robotic Ninja Pan 'n Tilt Camera Mounts! Sweep your cameras left, right, up and down – featuring 240° range of motion from left to right, 130° up and down and up to four preset positions for each camera! You can even remotely position the cameras to view whatever you want with the included Ninja Remotes.

    Pick from either of these 3-Camera SuperDeals and get 3 Free Ninja Bases & Controllers!

    Complete 3-Cam Robotic System! 3 XCam2 InstantOn SuperDeal + 3 Ninja Robotic Pan 'n Tilt Kits
    XCam2 InstantOn COLOR camera is ideally suited for today's multi-camera surveillance systems, enabling you to scan between your three cameras like changing the channel on your TV with absolutely no warm-up period!

    Free Bonus: (3) Ninja Pan 'n Tilt Robotic Mounts, (3) ScanPad Controllers - $449.94 Value

    Sold Separately $882.99
    Now Only $229.99
    You Save: $652.88 (74%)

    Complete LOW-LIGHT 3-Cam System! 3-Cam Wireless NightWatch SuperDeal + 3 Ninja Robotic Pan 'n Tilt Kits
    The Wireless NightWatch Camera is an extremely powerful black-and-white low-light camera with built-in 2.4GHz transmitter and microphone. Witness live video and audio transmitted directly to your TV or VCR - all with no wires!

    Free Bonus: (3) Ninja Pan 'n Tilt Robotic Mounts, (3) ScanPad Controllers - $449.94 Value

    Sold Separately $802.88
    Now Only $199.99
    You Save: $602.89 (75%)



    Add Audio/Video Motion Activated Recording To Your Surveillance System!

    New combination of surveillance accessories we've never offered before! Set your XCam2 (not included) and VCR on auto-pilot to record only the action in and around your home! Whether you're home or not, when motion is detected by the FREE EagleEye Motion Sensor, the VCR Commander can turn on your X10 camera and then send a "Record" command to your VCR! With the FREE Bonus Audio/Video Receiver you capture the sounds as well as the sights that your camera has detected!

    Sold Separately $167.95
    Get Both for Only $54.99
    You Save: $112.96 (67%)

    View & Control Your Multi-Cam Network on Your PC Screen!
    Do You Own 3 or more XCam2 Cameras? Perfect!
    With this package, you can monitor & control everything from one screen on your PC. MultiView provides rotational snapshots and Click-To-Live Video™. You will be able to control your cameras via the internet with the PanTilt Pro Software!

    Sold Separately $269.96
    Now Only $69.99
    You Save: $199.97 (74%)

    Homes of the Future
    ActiveHome Pro

    Have Fun and Feel Secure
    Not many products can promise to do both!

    A big reason many people get started with home automation is how much FUN it is. You can't help but grin as you kick back in your easy chair knowing you can turn any light in the house ON or OFF or begin your personalized movie experience with one button. But that's just the beginning.

    You'll feel more secure once you set your house up to look lived in when you're out or put outdoor motion sensors in place to signal a chime and alert you of activity outside when you're home. ActiveHome Pro makes it easy!

    And here's the best part! You can get started TODAY with ActiveHome Pro for ONLY $49.99 - a 50% Savings! Or, pick up the Ultimate 9-Piece Package for only $99.99 and Save $131!



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    Overstock RCA Gift Pack
    If you've ever wanted to create a "home of the future," this incredible package is for you! With three Lamp Modules, three Appliance Modules (2-pin), three Wall Switches and a Free PalmPad Remote Control, you'll be able to set up lamps, overhead lights and even appliances, like a fountain or fan, to operate by remote control!

    Because of the unusual circumstances, we're sacrificing this 10-piece gift pack For Only $49.99 - Over 63% off the retail price!
    9 Modules + remote For Only $49.99

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